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A Special Project... we need your help!

Dear Crestridge Alumnae and Friends- 
I’ve been asked by Camp Crestridge Alumnae and Friends to write a history of the Camp for the 70th anniversary. I am a History professor at UNC Asheville and the author of seven books. I have deep Crestridge roots. My parents were close seminary friends with Arvine Bell. When we moved to Asheville in 1959, we spent a lot of time at Crestridge and Arvine (she was one of the few adults I called by their first name) was like an aunt to me. In 1982, I met Crestridger Lydia Taylor and we were married a year later. We spent our first married summer in a staff cabin at Crestridge. In the 1990s, our daughters Anna Clare and Taylor began coming to camp. They both spent more than 10 years as campers and staffers. Our extended family also has a deep history with Camp. Lydia’s mom, Beth Sullivan Taylor, was a staffer in 1955, Crestridge’s first summer and her grandfather, James L. Sullivan, is generally credited as being one of three founders of Crestridge. Many family members have been campers and staffers over the years. Reece Taylor, our niece, will be Program Director this summer and a 2022/23 Intern.
I’m excited about researching and writing this book and I want your input. I won’t be able to
use all of your stories, but hearing from you will help shape the book and the stories I do use
will add a more human touch to the narrative. I want to do my best to convey the spirit and
overall fun of Crestridge.
Your input is both needed and greatly appreciated. Please double click the downloadable "Questionnaire" button and email your responses to NO LATER THAN March 1, 2023. Your responses can be as long as you like and I promise I will read them all.

Thanks for your help and may God bless you and yours- Dan Pierce

Photos or scanned documents are also appreciated and should be mailed to NO LATER THAN March 1, 2023. 


Who We Are...

     Camp Crestridge for Girls is a special place. Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, CC4G is a beautiful testament to God's grace through creation. Operating each summer since 1955, Camp Crestridge has impacted thousands of lives. Camp Crestridge will celebrate its 70th summer in 2024.  Camp Crestridge Alumnae and Friends board is planning a reunion to celebrate. 

     Camp Crestridge Alumnae & Friends, Inc. is a network of alumnae, staffers, parents, and personal friends whose lives have been deeply impacted by Camp Crestridge for Girls. Our mission is to strengthen the work of the camp in its Christian ministry of helping girls develop mentally, physically, socially, and spiritually. This network keeps old summer friends in touch with each other and with camp. It is also an intentional way of ensuring that the great Christian experiences at camp will continue for future generations. 

In 2020, the stewardship of Camp Crestridge transferred from Lifeway Christian Resources to The Ridgecrest Foundation. Please check out their website to see how you can help secure the future of Camp Crestridge for Girls. 

Remember this? 
From the early days of camp, our first director would tell campers leaving for a village activity to remember, "Who you are, Where you are from, and What you Represent." 

Who We Are

It is the mission of Camp Crestridge Alumnae & Friends (CCAF) to:

  • Foster the common bonds between past, present and future campers, staffers and supporters of Camp Crestridge for Girls

  • Raise awareness of camp

  • Support Camp Crestridge by raising funds for projects to improve camp and enhance the experience each camper has while there

  • Glorify God in all CCAF does to bring campers to know Christ

"And they that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars forever and ever."        Daniel 12:3

Camp Crestridge Alumnae & Friends, Inc. was organized in July 1993 by Johnnie Armstrong as a network of alumnae, staffers, parents, and personal friends who love Camp Crestridge for Girls. Our mission is to strengthen the work of the camp in its Christian ministry of helping girls develop mentally, physically, socially and spiritually. 

Camp Ridgecrest for Boys has a similar organization, Camp Ridgecrest Alumni & Friends. While both are similar in nature, they are separate in administration. Since Ridgecrest Summer Camps is restricted from soliciting funds, CCAF operates separately to organize fund-raising for scholarships, capital improvements and other camp needs. 

  • Newsletters are published twice yearly to keep members up to date on camp and alumnae activities and projects.

  • Maintain the Memories is an opportunity for all alums and friends to give back to camp in a tangible way. One weekend each May, all are invited to come to camp (lodging and meals at the Conference Center are at a group discounted price) to work together to clean up and beautify the grounds. Members and their families return year after year to enjoy the chance to reconnect with friends.

  • Reunions are held every five years, concurrent with five-year anniversaries of camp. Our next reunion will be during the summer of 2024. 

Where We Are From



Mailing Address: 


PO Box 565

Moyock, NC 27958

CCAF is a

501(c)(3) non-profit

All contributions are


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Maintaining Memories

for generations to come

What We Represent

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