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Camp Crestridge Alumnae & Friends, Inc. was organized in July 1993 by Johnnie Armstrong as a network of alumnae, staffers, parents, and personal friends who all have an interest in Camp Crestridge for Girls. Our mission is to strengthen the work of the camp in its Christian ministry of helping girls develop mentally, physically, socially and spiritually. This network keeps old summer friends in touch with each other and with camp. It is also an organized way of ensuring that the great Christian experiences at camp will continue for others yet to attend.

Camp Ridgecrest for Boys has a similar organization, Camp Ridgecrest Alumni & Friends, for its supporters. While the organizations are similar in nature, they are separate in administration. Both organizations are 501(c)(3) non-profit corporations and therefore, most contributions are tax-deductible.

Since Ridgecrest Summer Camps is restricted from soliciting funds, the association operates separately to organize fund-raising for scholarships, capital improvements and other camp needs. Many alumnae and friends are interested in making gifts to camp, but want to make sure their dollars and resources will really count. The association offers a variety of ways people can help, thereby helping channel appreciation back to the camp.

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