Since it was organized in 1993, the Crestridge alumnae association, through generous donations, has made many improvements to camp.

Multi-Purpose Building

We are now raising funds for a building that will serve several purposes. Located on the site of the current camp store, the main floor will contain the camp store and will include a clothing room, a dressing room, bathroom, and space for drink/snack sales.

The second floor will house the CCAF Museum, which is currently located on the top floor of the Lodge, a building that is not weatherproof. Years of Crestridge memories will have a permanent home in this important addition. Since the building will be built into the hill overlooking the green, the basement area will store landsports equipment.

We hope to use the same builder that LifeWay used for the new Bear Trap so the building will have a similar look. The cost of the building is projected to be $120,000 to $130,000.

We ask that you prayerfully consider giving for this important project that will impact the lives of girls for years to come. Please mark your donation "multi-purpose building."

Chapel Expansion

Status: Completed 2005

Camp Crestridge Chapel Expansion

The CCAF board realized in 2003 that, with record camp enrollments stretching every facility, it was impossible to seat the entire camp in the Chapel. A campaign to expand and improve the Chapel, called "$50,000 for the 50th," was undertaken as a project for the 50th Summer Homecoming in 2004. Alumnae and friends' amazing response to this need allowed construction to be completed before the 2005 summer sessions began. Best of all, the addition does not change the appearance of the Chapel in any way.

A new porch and a stone wall were added, allowing for six more pews (previously in the choir loft) to be placed in the back. The funds were also used to build a stone retaining wall on the road by the Chapel to divert water that had been coming in due to erosion. A generous gift of pine flooring from the Cox family made it possible to replace the old stage. The new stage is not only perfect for the musicals but reflects light and warms up the entire building. The old silver can lights were replaced by white track lights that illuminate the entire stage. The old fans were replaced with efficient white fans with lights.

Donations in excess of our goal allowed for the purchase of a pull-down screen, state-of-the-art mounted projector, and a laptop computer with music software and a new Yamaha keyboard that can be programmed with camp songs. The Chapel pews were refinished in 2007 to complete the project.

Chip-Chick Playground

Status: Completed 2006

Camp Crestridge Chip-Chick Playground

CCAF board members noticed a need for a play area for the youngest campers and set about to provide a structure that would encourage physical activity as well as social interaction. Donations allowed us to have a wonderful custom-built playground located on Chip-Chick hill and surrounded by cabins. Constructed of natural materials, the playground has been a big hit with the Chippewas and Chickasaws.

The Pavilion

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