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The Pavillion

Updated: Dec 2, 2018

The Crestridge Pavilion completed in 1998

Status: Completed 1998

One of Camp Crestridge Alumnae and Friends shining achievements at camp has been the gift of the pavilion. Situated between the chapel and the gym, the structure spans from the road to just above the lake. In order to accommodate the structure, it was necessary to relocate the campfire area to the land between the lake and the gym.

Construction of the pavilion was completed in late 1998. Most of the construction was done using volunteer labor. The volunteers, mainly retired gentlemen, spend several weeks each year working on projects at the conference center and both camps. The conference center provides room and board in return.

The dedication ceremony of the pavilion was held during the 45th Summer Homecoming on July 3, 1999. The pavilion was dedicated to Willard K. "Daddy" Weeks, longtime director of Ridgecrest Baptist Assembly, who supported and loved camp from its inception.

Since its construction, campers have been using the pavilion for a large number of activities, such as gymnastics, picnics, and music.

The Crestridge Pavilion Fireplace

The construction of a stone fireplace/chimney in the pavilion allows campers to have a roaring fire and plenty of s'mores, rain or shine!

Funding for the fireplace was generously provided by Ruth and Norvel Lee Burkett, who have been wonderful friends of camp for many years. Thank you!

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