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Endowed Scholarships

 Early in CCAF's history, the board made a goal to provide at least two full 2-week scholarships per summer with preference given to applicants with connections to alumnae and friends. The CCAF Board of Directors voted at its fall 2007 meeting to establish an endowed scholarship program to create a perpetual fund where the annual interest and income would provide camper scholarships. This fund is separate from our annual scholarship drive and is invested through the Southern Baptist Foundation. Our ultimate goal is to invest enough to provide at least 12 full scholarships each summer. $500,000 is required if we are to reach such a lofty goal. Through the prayers and support of CCAF members, we are sure that God will allow us to endow scholarships that will give an eternal legacy of support for girls wishing to attend camp. Endowed scholarships may be named upon receipt of $10,000 in donations. 

Named Endowments and the date they reached $10,000: 

  • Sallie Driggers/Willa McGimsey                               11/23/07

  • Hege Family Fund                                                      12/22/12

  • Ramey Driggers/Kara Cooley                                   1/29/13

  • Johnnie Armstrong                                                     5/11/13

  • Burkett Family Fund                                                  5/24/13

  • Ron Springs Ridgecrest Camps                               8/30/15

  • Marva Rawlings and Janie Belue                              8/20/16

  • Judye MacMillan                                                         7/16/09

  • Maggie Lee Henson                                                   6/24/10

  • Ginnie Burriss                                                              6/6/13

  • Tad Driggers                                                                 5/31/16

  • Logan and Morgan Flecke                                         5/27/17

  • Mama Ruth Burkett                                                   6/10/17

  • Julie Parkerson                                                            10/25/17

  • Cara Pollard                                                                 12/26/18

  • Williams Family                                                            12/26/18


Endowments being funded: 

  • Young Family Fund

  • Jean Landrum

  • Lydia Adams Maupin

  • Jill Angell Reynolds and Lori Angell Langway

  • Jessica and Kelly Lipscomb

  • Robyn L Wilson

  • Abby and Molly Smith

  • Adrienne Wade Hollis

  • Lucille Belue

  • Nancy Britt Roberson

  • Carolyn Bridger

  • Elizabeth Kolsch

  • Jim Buchalski

  • Arvine Bell

  • Rosemary Smith

  • Karen Stitt, Susan Stitt Yenney, Megan Yenney, Chris Yenney

  • Lisa Turner and Sarah Knowles

  • Kate Taylor

  • Joe Laher

  • Lila Boyd

  • Larry and Sallie Driggers

If you wish to donate to any of these scholarship funds please click on Join & Donate

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